(pronunciation: face-OR-us)


Faceaurus is a compilation (thesaurus) of faces that are digital combinations of people high and low in personality traits. So far, we have created faces for the Dark Triad, the Big Five (and the 30 facets), and some sexual individual differences. One key methodological advance is that most of these faces are based on both self-reports and peer reports of personality.

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Holtzman, N. S. (2011). Facing a psychopath: Detecting the dark triad from emotionally-neutral faces, using prototypes from the Personality Faceaurus. Journal of Research in Personality, 45, 648-654.


All of the prototypes are comprised of faces of participants who proceeded through a carefully articulated consent process approved by the University ethics committee. Each prototype consists of 10 faces, so as to disguise the identities of those involved.


Angela Senne, an outstanding undergraduate, helped generate many of the images.