Generative art made in 2021 by Nick Holtzman in R, using code from Antonio Sánchez Chinchón.


The Holtzman Lab focuses on psychological phenomena at the intersection of social and personality psychology, informed by a multi-method quantitative approach. Much of this research has clinical relevance, and not coincidentally, several students have gone on to enroll in doctoral programs in clinical psychology.

Past and present grad student members of the Holtzman Lab (updated: Winter break 2020-2021):

Julie Chrysosferidis, M.S.


Julie (Odom-Dixon) Chrysosferidis (2013-2017) began working in the lab her Junior year of undergrad in 2013 and entered the M.S. program in Fall of 2015. After graduating from the M.S. program in Spring 2017, Julie began attending Washington State University for her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Julie can be reached at

To’Meisha Edwards (2014-2016). After graduating with her M.S., Meisha entered the clinical doctoral program at Georgia Southern University in Fall 2016. She published her M.S. thesis as an article in the Journal of Research in Personality. She also co-authored a paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Logan F. Folger (2020-2022). After graduating from University of Georgia, Logan began in the lab in Fall 2020. Her interests combine psychology and criminal justice. Logan is a co-author on a forthcoming chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Evolution and the Emotions. She be reached at:

Clint E. Johnson (2017-2019). After graduating from Armstrong State University, Clint began working in the lab as an M.S. student in Fall 2017. In 2019, Clint successfully defended his thesis and then began attending Saint Louis University for his Ph.D. in developmental psychology.

Bradly A. McGinnis (2019-2021). In 2019, Brad graduated from Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology; he joined the lab in fall of 2019. His M.S. thesis concerns dramatic personality traits and how they are perceived across development.

Jorge Noguera-Sepulveda (2017-2019). After obtaining a B.S. in psychology from Georgia Southern, Jorge began working in the lab as an M.S. student in Fall 2017. He successfully defended his thesis regarding mind perception in the summer of 2019. He is an adjunct at Georgia Southern currently.

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Mia Tharp, M.S.


Mia Tharp (2013-2015) graduated with her M.S. in 2015 and published her thesis on mind perception as an article in Basic and Applied Social Psychology. Mia can be reached at

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