Nicholas S. Holtzman, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Entity: Georgia Southern University
Department: Psychology
Email: nick.holtzman@gmail.com
Curriculum Vita: Holtzman_CV

Autobiography. Originally from Minnesota, I attended Loyola University New Orleans for my undergraduate degree, and then I attended Washington University in St. Louis for my Ph.D. in psychology, where my studies focused on the sub-field of social/personality psychology under the tutelage of Prof. Michael Strube. Indeed, I have had some terrific mentors, and my mentor tree is displayed here. In Fall 2013, I accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Georgia Southern University (on the main campus, in Statesboro, GA), where I am a tenured Associate Professor now. My partner and I live just outside Savannah, Georgia.

Teaching. I frequently teach a variety of content courses (e.g., personality psychology, social psychology) and technical courses (e.g., research and analysis, research design). The research design course is a graduate level class. I weave a variety of quantitative methods and meta-science topics in my courses, given the direction of the field. I love teaching and mentoring the next generation—it gives me continued hope.

Research. My research program is focused on traits linked to social problems and morality, such as narcissism and selfishness. I am fascinated by (a) where these traits come from and by (b) the cues that help assess these traits in everyday life—such as personal appearance cues and linguistic cues. I use a variety of methods to understand these phenomena. I frequently collaborate with Prof. Matthias R. Mehl (University of Arizona) and Prof. M. Brent Donnellan (Michigan State University). Feel free to download my papers here or visit my Google Scholar Profile here.

Service. As I have progressed through my career, I have taken on numerous service projects and leadership roles. I am involved in diversity initiatives at both the departmental level and university level (particularly as a member of Faculty Senate from 2019-2022). I have also helped shape our undergraduate programs, led by Prof. Karen Naufel. Additionally, I serve on the editorial boards for two peer reviewed journals: Journal of Personality as well as Journal of Language and Social Psychology.

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